Ella Baché Carindale

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Amalea McCarthy

Diploma qualified in 2004, Amalea has 13 years Beauty Therapy experience. Amalea loves facials and her passion is to educate her clients on correct skincare to achieve desired results and give treatments that are a complete experience.

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Jenna Leeson

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Jocelyn Carter

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Maddison Towie

Maddison is a skilled beauty therapist with a warm and friendly demeanour, she has 4 years experience in the beauty industry and has a strong commitment to advancing her skills to help her deliver the highest quality of service to clients.

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Tammy Lar

Tammy has 22 years experience in the Beauty Industry and she loves everything about Beauty. Her waxing services are efficient, painless and thorough and she also specialises in deeply relaxing facials.

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