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Graft-a-Lash lash extensions provide longer and thicker lashes, these silk fibre lashes are attached one by one to your own lashes providing a natural look and feel.

Full Set

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Full set of Graft a lash silk fibre lashes
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Lash Removal

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Is it time to refresh those lashes? Let us remove them gently and effectively to reduce damage to your natural lashes.
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Lash Refill

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Refill your lashes between two and three weeks of original application.
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Removal and Full set

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Time to refresh those faux lashes? Let us remove them gently and effectively, creating the best platform to apply your new set.
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Natural Set

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A great way to start your lash journey, a natural looking application to ensure the best result for first time lash extension clients.
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Lash Lift

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Lash Lift with Lash Tint

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