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The Skin in March

As we enter March, we start noticing the damaging effects that summer had on our skin. Uneven skin tone and dull complexion is the most common complaint for Australian skins. The visual effects of uneven skin tone can vary from small, irregular pigmentation spots to large areas of hyperpigmentation.


Skin concerns you might be noticing:

Dehydration - As the humidity decreases our skin’s natural water content starts to slow down, which means an increase in dead layers of skin.

Uneven rough skin texture – Rough texture from lack of water in the skin. When we have a hydrated skin, we have enough natural water content to activate the natural exfoliating enzymes in our skin, which gets rid of dead skin cell layers every 28 days. Without enough water, dead cells start to stack on top of each other, creating rough, uneven skin.

Dull, lack lustre skin – Dehydration and dead skin cells also make it harder to get antioxidants into our skin creating a dull appearance from lack of antioxidants.

Increase in pigmentation – Months of UV stimulation starts to appear on the skin as pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Ask your Ella Baché Skin Therapist for a complimentary skin diagnosis to recommend the products best suited to reveal glowing, radiant skin.